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May 20, 2012
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The sky above was dark and cloudy, speckled with flashes of lightning, followed by the immense boom of thunder. I looked around, confused by my surroundings. I was aboard a massive ship. I went over to the edge of the ship and peered down, searching for the name. I found it relatively quickly: The S.S. Libra.

We were sailing in smooth waters until two six spotlights fell across the deck. I ran to the bow and turned to find two large helicopters flying alongside the ship and one flying above the wheelhouse. Another helicopter appeared and the four made a square above the ship, two flanking each side.

Then something strange appeared out of the sky, casting a black shadow across most of the ship. It was a massive Pokémon that roared in defiance and then shot down a bolt of psychic energy. That energy then proceeded to enfold the ship, lifting it straight out of the water. The ship tilted, tossing the captain and first mate right off the edge and into the water.

As the Pokémon took off with the ship, I gasped and sat up in bed, my heart racing. That was certainly one of the weirder dreams I'd ever had. I sighed heavily and very nearly rolled out of bed as I tried to turn onto my back. Things were turning out to be very weird as I found my room devoid of my younger sister and her two Pokémon. I reached down and gently petted the head of my Pokémon. She was my first Pokémon and I loved her – my little Eevee, whom I had affectionately dubbed Soarelui. She yawned and turned to look at me with her nearly-black-brown eyes and I couldn't help but smile, momentarily forgetting my dream.

"Well then, come on Soarelui, it's time for practice." I beamed.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I stood on a battle field with a great Salamence before me, roaring in defiance as it faced a Metagross facing it with another trainer behind it. I smiled as I had the first go. I recalled the Pokémon's moveset and shouted out the move I thought would work best – "Salamence, use Earthquake!" I shouted.

The great dragon-Pokémon obeyed and reared up on its back legs and slammed its front legs into the ground, making the earth below our feet quake, damaging the Metagross a good bit. The Metagross retaliated with a Sludge Bomb attack, injuring my Salamence. I ordered the same attack which, in turn, knocked out the Metagross which automatically returned to the Battle Sim database, where all the virtual Pokémon were created or stored or whatever. I never paid attention to the dynamics of the Battle Sim in class. It was always boring.

"Alright Grace, that'll do for today." A voice reached out to me as I stepped out of the virtual battling world – the Sim. "That was a well-played battle Grace. You're battle skills have improved at an amazing speed. You took command of the Salamence as if it were just your Eevee." The speaker said.

"Thanks Robert. It was awesome battling Losten again, even though I usually win against him." I laughed and stepped out of the simulator.

Robert paused and looked at me seriously. "Don't you think it's time that you considered raising other Pokémon besides your Eevee?" He asked.

"We'll see." I laughed and left the Sim Room and made my way out into the hallway. Turning to my right, I made my way to the Professors office and found that he and my mother were talking. I stepped inside and they both turned to me.

The Professor spoke first. "Hey there Grace, have you already finished your training?" He asked.

"Yes sir; I won another battle!" I smiled and released Soarelui from her Pokéball.

"Yes, I've heard the Battle Coach singing high praise about you Grace. According to him, your battling skills have improved dramatically recently. That's an outstanding achievement! I think you'd even best me in a battle!" Professor Krane laughed. I looked at Professor Krane, taking in his hilarious appearance. He wore a bright green button-up shirt, a white lab coat, a pair of glasses over his squinted eyes, and he had a mop of chocolate brown hair that hung in his pale face. He was quite a sight to behold but he was the most recognized Professor in all or Orre.

My mother, Lily, turned and faced him with a solemn look on her face. She couldn't have been more different from Krane in appearance. With need, slightly greying milk chocolate colored hair pulled into a high bun, bright blue eyes set against tanned skin, and a pink lab coat over a short, dark purple dress and grey leggings under matching dark purple pumps, she was the epitome of neatness. "I wish everyone wouldn't drown my children with such gushing praise all the time." She said and I sighed. "They'll become spoiled rotten." She continued.

"There's nothing to worry about Lily. Both Grace and Jovi are wonderful kids." He said and I smiled at him.

Lily sighed before looking at him curiously. "Speaking of Jovi, I don't think I've seen her since lunch." She said and turned to me. "Grace, honey, I hate to bother you, but could you go find Jovi for me? I'm sure you already know but there are several research projects in their critical phases in the lab and I can't afford to take any time off right now. So, please, could you find your sister for me?" She asked kindly.

"Of course I can." I beamed and smiled.

Looking at my mother and me side by side, you would know immediately that I took after my father. With a round face, high cheekbones, and almond-shaped blue-grey eyes, I had his face. My pale golden blonde hair was brushed and pulled into a pony-tail that was then pulled up, snapped in place with a clip which then tumbled down over the clip, giving my hair the impression of a squirrel's tail while my wavy bangs were bobby-pinned out of my face stylishly. My style of clothing, however, was the polar opposite of my mother's. I wore a lavender shirt with fitted, elbow length sleeves that had very low-cut V-neck section that exposed my black tube-tope beneath, dark blue pants with pockets at the knees, black and white striped socks, my black boots, white gloves with black bands around the wrist and black fingers, and a belt that held pockets for six Pokéballs. I wore one piece of jewelry and that was the necklace my father had given me – a simple turquoise teardrop of stone.

"Thank you Grace, I'm counting on you. I don't think she could have wandered off too far but, just in case, check outside too." She said.

"Sorry about having you do this Grace, but after five years, this project is finally on the verge of coming together. But for it to happen, we need your mother's help. By the way, I dropped your PDA off in your room." Krane finished.

"Alright, I'll pick it up and head on out to find Jovi." I announced and bounced out the room through the door to the right and hurried out of the adjoining room as Soarelui followed closely behind me. I smiled as we skidding into the high-tech elevator on that floor and waited for it to take us downstairs. Once the doors opened once again, we reached each other back to our room and stepped inside.

My room was next door to my sister Jovi's and had quite a bit more things in it. I had a bed, a large desk, a computer on aforementioned desk, a bookshelf, and many, many books. I saw the little PDA on my desk and hurried over, quickly snapping it on my left wrist and, as I did, it pinged with an incoming message. Working quickly, I opened the inbox and found the single message within and opened it, reading silently. "If you're reading this e-mail, then you must have found your PDA. Try out its many features. By the way, Adon was playing hide-and-seek with Jovi. You should talk to him." The message was from Professor Krane. I locked the PDA and made my way back out of my room.

We headed back upstairs and into the room at the far right hand corner. I stepped inside and looked around. This was usually where Jovi and Adon played. I heard the soft sound of breathing and followed it to the desk. Sighing, I crouched and then lay down on my stomach. Lo and behold, Adon was sleeping beneath the table. Sighing, I reached out and grabbed his arm.

He woke up with a start and banging his head on the underside of the table. "Hey! Grace, what gives?" He demanded.

"Hi Adon," I grinned. "I'm looking for Jovi. Have you seen her?" I asked.

"Um, we were supposed to be playing hide-and seek. She must've wandered off somewhere. Try going to Dr. Kaminko's manor; she goes over there from time to time." He suggested.

"Dr. Kaminko? He lives a way out to the southeast..." I said quietly, pondering how long she'd been going all the way out there. Jovi was a free-spirit and went wherever she wants, even though she was younger than me by a few years – I was sixteen and she was only eleven.

I sighed and stood up, leaving Adon lying beneath the table. "Jovi's 'it' in our game so I hope she finds me soon. My back is killing me." He said.

I rolled my eyes and made my way back towards Professor Krane's office to let them know what Adon had told me. But, as I left the room, another scientist walked over to me. "Hey Grace, the lounge is noisy so I'm going to see what the commotion is about. You should come along too." He said and went to the room just next door where everybody was standing at the television.

I pushed to the front and stared at the television, my dream returning to me. It was ONBS News reporting.

"We bring you ONBS News. Authorities still have failed to find any traces of the cargo ship S.S. Libra since its sudden disappearance off the coast of Gateon Port. There have been no reports of flotsam that may indicate the ship's sinking. The authorities appeared mystified by the way the ship vanished like smoke. There are reports that numerous Pokémon were aboard. Concern is rising over their welfare. We will bring you more news should there be any leads on the case." The newswoman said and the television was cut off.

The scientist from before – his name was John – turned towards me. "Wow, a cargo ship carrying Pokémon disappeared into thin air. Is that really possible? I'm finding it a little hard to swallow." He said with a surprised look on his face before turning and leaving the room.

I was stunned. I'd dreamt of the S.S. Libra vanishing and had seen what had caused it. But could that be true? Could a massive Pokémon have really carried the S.S. Libra off and leave no evidence of it? Had it just been a stupid dream?

I shuddered and looked down at Soarelui. "This is turning out to be a very strange day…" I told her. I really wasn't looking forward to that day.
Ok, this is a kind of FanFic for Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness, the game for the GameCube because I got very bored and wanted to do it. I replaced the game character with my own because I am a girl adn you can't be a girl in the game. So, bye bye protaganist and hello OC.

I hope y'all like it.
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shad0wbeast May 22, 2012  Student Writer
Interesting choice for a starter. Is Eevee going to have all of his latest evolutions to evolve into or just the simpler ones (water, fire, lighting,)
In the game the starter actually is Eevee, there are no wild Pokemon (until much later but that will be explained when the time comes) and Eevee can evolve into Vaporeon, Flareon, Jolteon, Espeon, and Umbreon in the game. Mine will be a surprise as to what it becomes.
shad0wbeast May 22, 2012  Student Writer
oh~ ok. I never played Gale of Darkness lol
It's fun! I personally love it! I mean, come you, you get to catch Lugia, Moltres, Zapdos, and Articuno in two consecutive battles!
shad0wbeast May 22, 2012  Student Writer
cool lol. I stopped being a pokemon fan a while ago. It's inventive but i feel they took it too far by making pokemon the source of human emotion, intelligence,love, Master of time/space...too me it got a bit too much.
Well none of that is really in this game so don't worry. I don't pay attention to all that. The adventures in-game are fun all on their own for me.
shad0wbeast May 22, 2012  Student Writer
Perfect lol. I don't mind that at all.
Yay! I have someone that'll read my Pokemon stories! Hooray! And I'm very happy because you comment on most of the things I post! :iconbunnyglompplz:
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sparky-the-gamer May 20, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Awesome! ^^!
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